Pauline Rigot-Müller (Female/French/1982).

Freelance Painter/Dancer/choreographer/Video maker.

She grew up in a forest in Provence where she gave birth to her wonderland.

At 5 years old she start to paint and to dance, at nineteen she start to use a video camera to unify everything together.
In 2007, Graduate of Fine arts, Visual arts and Spatial arts of the University of ERG in Brussels.

2007 to 2011, Intensive contemporary dance program in DancentrumJette with Roxane Huilmand (ROSAS).

2009, Certificat of kinesitherapy comportemental, method GDS of muscular chains.
Co-foundator of Piquée d’un faune with Sylvie Bouteillé (diapositive, 8mm,Sound, Dance) and  Inner Skin with Arno Ferrera (Plastic Art, Video, Performance).

In 2011, her dance animation “Nest of Moon” was selected in IDILL festival for his originality.

After many collaborations with musicians, dancers and visual artists, she developed her own work and created 2 solos: Landscapes in a cage and Back to Water.

2013, She was selected and support by « 20 young choreographers for Brussels » to created her solo Landscapes in a cage, she performed it many time (Nuit Blanche, Museum night Fever, school, theaters, exhibitions…).
She created during a residence for the festival Dancewood, her solo Back to water.
In 2014 she received her Certificated Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (North of India) and first level of Reiki.
Since 6 years she is a teacher in education program and give workshops in Plastics Art, dance creation, video animation.
Her painting, movies and performances are exposed in many galleries in Europe.

She always used every different type of expression to express, search and be maximum close to the truth. Like a researcher, she creates and analyzes with her knowledge for share what she discovers.

In 2014 she decided to start a nomad life for give her the possibility to share her work around the world.

After two years of traveling around the world, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, … She had many collaborations as a painter and performer with different artists, galleries… She lived in the Peruvian Jungle for learn with shamans and natural medicine.

In 2016 She came back in France in Lyon and built her own Studio YOKAÏ-Lyon, where she teach, practice  and continu to develop her research, creation and style of life.

She teach Yoga and Contemporary Dance and she work with the CNSMD (National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon) as a teacher and a co-creator.



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  1. Wouaw, elles sont super tes peintures. T’as un bel univers, à la fois réalistes et surréalistes. De belles associations d’images qui racontent des histoires. Puis j’aime bien les couleurs et techniquement t’assure. Beau boulot !
    ça donne envie de voir en vrai !


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