BACK TO WATER (dance show performance)

B JKP 94Back to water was performed in a medieval church for the Dancewoods Festival.  This piece was created after a jellyfish attack. Electrified, I felt the death dancing around me. Through this strong/deep experience, I decided to explore the transparency of my body. How to share the inner source I felt inside me? Elements, stones, philosophy, nature and energies guide my research. How electricity makes life? How water connected to the spine? How earth give you consciousness? How fire open your heart…? My body become a channel, a transmitter of my deep inner source: the body in trance is drawing a ritual dance. JKP-Italy13-2-08292013C 6 C 5 Réactiver la conscience de nos cellules Libérer des mémoires cellulaires Augmenter le taux vibratoire et donc le potentiel d’auto-guérison sur un plan physique, émotionnel ou mental Rétablir la structure et la force du corps de lumière de l’être humain Un spectacle qui plonge dans les sensations physiques, qui questionne les limites du corps et ses résistances. Here I built my inner rainbow. I let the colors cross through me, I am made of light. I’m ready to go outside. My experience merged into alignment, My body is the link between death and life. I can feel the love flow in my blood. Open the door i want to play in the sky… I’m ready to go outside! B JKP 92 C JKP 86 I express the memories of my bones and the genetic molecules of my body through the movement. like a travel before i was born. Back to water is a reborn, a travel in the molecule of genetic collective memories. B JKP 95 C 2(extrait video à venir!)

Capture d’écran 2014-12-26 à 16.35.38 Capture d’écran 2014-12-26 à 16.36.14


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